Does this plugin work with the media library?

No, it only protects files uploaded through the plugin itself.  A list of all protected files are on the plugin’s settings page.

How do I use it?
On the “Settings” menu, there will be a entry for “MCM Protected File View”.  If you click on it you’ll see links for “List all protected uploads” and “Upload a new protected upload”.
How do I install it?
Go to the “Plugins” menu, then “Add New”, then “Upload Plugin” to upload the zip file of the plugin.

Or you can upload it to your plugin folder via FTP.

Does it work with NGINX or other non-Apache Web Servers?

No, it is designed for Apache Web Servers only as it requires .htaccess files to protect your uploaded files.

How do I get support?

Use the support forum.

How do I make sure my files are secure?
By using the wp-content/uploads/ path or by using the “Test link security” link on the “List all protected uploads” page – either should give an error.
How many sites can I use my license on?
Each license is for only one website. You can however use the license to test on a staging and/or development site as well.
Do I have to pay sales tax on it?
If your address is in Tennessee, then 9.5% sales tax will be added to your total. Sorry, it’s the law. We don’t keep any of it.