MCM Simple CMS

For PHP - an easy to install and use simple content managment system (CMS)

Why another CMS?

So many other PHP/MySQL (and other) CMSs are bloated, slow, overly complex, and difficult to modify.

Mcmsimplecms for PHP is simpler than a certain car insurance company's website :)

  • What You See Is What You Get Editor (WYSIWYG using tinyMCE)
  • Picture/File Upload
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • Easy Linking to Other Pages
  • Editable Menus
  • Permissions to limit access
  • Backups of Page Edits

Click here to download v0.2.6 (zip) - Released under the GPL v2

CMS Installation Instructions

  1. Upload all files. Run install.php in your web browser and follow instructions
  2. For non-paid support, feature requests, or bug reports, use the SourceForge Project Page. Use the contact form for any requests for paid work, including customization, installation, or support. Happy CMSing!

Are You a Developer?

If you're interested in helping develop the new PHP 5.6 compatible version using PDO for database access, you're welcome to collaborate with us on GitHub.