MCM Auto Pager Turner

MCM Auto Page Turner

MCM Auto Pager Turner is an Android App that allows you to turn sheet music pages automatically.

Are you tired of the hassle of turning pages while playing? Have you missed notes while turning pages?

Let us be your virtual page turner!

Available at Google Play™ and Amazon's App Store.

MCM Auto Page Turner Main Screen
MCM Auto Page Turner Playback
MCM Auto Page Turner Add Page
Demo Video

Create a piece, then use the "View/Edit" button on the menu that comes up when you long click on the piece name. On that screen use the "Add Page" button. When adding a page use the "Browse" button.

.jpg, .gif, and .png file types are supported. Just select the /images using the "Browse" button (one page at a time) and set the time between each.

Long click/touch to bring up the menu on the piece, then select "Play", "View/Edit", etc.

Playback is recommended only on tablets and other large screen devices.

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