Android App Development

Android Apps

We provide custom Android application development services.

Do you have an app idea? Do you need an app ported from iOS (iPhone/iPad) to Android? We can help.

We can create an Android application that meets your needs, regardless of whether you need a simple application or a large, complex one.

We can develop anything from business apps that integrate with existing databases to games.

Take a look below to see some examples of our work.

Clarksville Parks and Trails Map with Directions We created Clarksville Parks and Trails, a Google Maps-based app, which shows information on and the location of parks, trails, commmunity centers, ball fields, and other points of interest in Clarksville, TN based on your current location.
MyTweetSearchTool Main Screen We developed MyTweetSearchTool, which allows you to search your favorite keywords on Twitter at any time.
MCM Auto Page Turner Playback We also developed MCM Auto Page Turner, which allows you to turn sheet music pages automatically.
MCM Golf Card Game Game Play Additionally, we developed MCM Golf Card Game, an Android App version of the "Golf" card game.
MCM Cat and Mouse Game - Game Play We created MCM Cat and Mouse Game, which is an Android game where you try to catch the mouse while playing as a cat.
MCM Event Reminder We developed MCM Event Reminder, an Android app that sends a daily notification with a reminder for important events, counting down the number of days remaining until each event.

We developed MCM Random Baby Name Generator, which randomly generates baby names.

We also developed MCM Random Bible Verse, which delivers a daily notification with a randomly selected verse from the Bible (KJV).

Additionally we developed MCM Bible, which presents the full text of the Bible (KJV).

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